Help Your Student Stand Out

Turn the events on your calendar into a competitive advantage for college admissions and scholarships.

How it Works

Use Your Existing Calendar

Import your online calendar into MePlusMore.

Categorize Your Activities

Categorize your student’s extracurricular activities. Add their awards and achievements.

Share Your Custom MeSheet With Colleges

Email or include on applications a link to your student’s personal narrative.

College Preparation Made Easy!

By linking to the online calendar you already use, MePlusMore allows you to easily update and share the progress of your student’s non-academic activities with only a few minutes of work each month. The electronic MeSheet you create highlights your student’s achievements and awards, and provides categorized details of the hours they have devoted to their passions that teachers and admissions officers require.

Stand Out With MePlusMore

“My son sent his digital portfolio to teachers and counselors beginning his freshman year. He sent updates at the end of each semester. When applying for internships his junior summer and then colleges, the teachers and staff commented on how easy it was to write a strong recommendation. Having a complete picture of his extracurricular activities and achievements, his life outside of the classroom, helped my son shine.”


Lindsey T, Parent

Getting Accepted & Earning Scholarships Goes Beyond Academic Metrics