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Traditionally, the most time-consuming and frustrating task is scrambling to collect details from four years of non-academic activities. It’s a nightmare! MePlusMore removes the stress by giving you an easy-to-use platform with the tools you need to record your student’s extracurricular activities with dates, hours spent, certifications, and other details effortlessly along the way.

College admissions officers and scholarship committees need to know more about the student behind the GPA and test scores.

MePlusMore allowed me to quickly produce the detailed information requested by the scholarship committee regarding the time spent, the awards my daughter earned, and the leadership positions she held during her involvement with the high schools business and marketing club.

Lindsey T.


Prior to my alumni interview, I provided a link to my MePlusMore narrative. She had never seen such a comprehensive overview of the activities and events that I participated in during high school. I was also able to highlight the growth in my involvement in specific activities to make a point as to why I was a good fit for the university.

Beth H.


My son’s school counselor has over 450 students she has to assist each year. When she was submitting letters of recommendation for his college applications she appreciated that I had kept her updated throughout his high school career on his school and outside extracurricular activities. It made it easy for her to write to both his academic and outside achievements.

Amanda F.


Getting Accepted & Earning Scholarships Goes Beyond Academic Metrics

College admissions officers increasingly assign greater weight to the activities students participate in outside of class. They look for “angular students” and “specialists” to make up their student body. MePlusMore helps your student track and showcase their achievements so they get accepted!