Why Parents Choose MePlusMore

Getting accepted is about more than a GPA and standardized test scores.

To differentiate among students with similar grades and test scores, college admissions officers are increasingly assigning greater weight to the activities students participate in outside of school. Colleges are looking for depth, commitment, and examples of leadership in non-school related activities. MePlusMore allows students to produce a detailed report of these extracurricular activities, including the achievements, recognitions, and total time they spent on each.

Scholarship and grant committees need to see the details of a student’s extracurricular experiences.

While several scholarships and grant opportunities focus on the student’s GPA and test scores, many student-specific scholarships/grants concentrate on special skills, interests, and life experience. MePlusMore allows students to highlight these activities, providing the evidence-based reporting many committees require to issue an award.

Colleges are auditing more applications—students need proof of non-academic experience.

Colleges are requesting verification for the extracurricular activities listed on applications. If unavailable or insufficient, they may withdraw the acceptance. MePlusMore gives admissions offices immediate access to the detailed records parents have kept along the way. They can see dates, time spent, digital images of recognition, third-party validation, and references for specific activities.

Counselors & teachers need more visibility into their student's career to write strong letters of recommendation.

From a National Association for College Admission Counseling’s survey, 35% of college admissions officers think recommendations are of considerable importance in the decision-making process. It also documents the student-counselor ratio as high as 900:1 in California, highlighting the struggle counselors and teachers have in helping individual students. MePlusMore allows students to share an interactive, personal narrative of their non-academic activities with their counselor, favorite teachers, and mentors for highly-tailored recommendations.

Parents need to understand if their student’s extracurricular activities are aligned with their peers and target colleges.

Every college’s admissions department seeks to admit a student body of specialized or “angular” students. MePlusMore allows parents to review the detailed profiles of admitted students at specific colleges, as well as aggregated information on the activities shared by all admitted students. The information comparing each student’s current activities with their peers and target colleges will aid parents and students in selecting and focusing on specific activities during high school.

Getting Accepted & Earning Scholarships Goes Beyond Academic Metrics

College admissions officers increasingly assign greater weight to the activities students participate in outside of class. They look for “angular students” and “specialists” to make up their student body. MePlusMore helps your student track and showcase their achievements so they get accepted!