Amaya used her digital portfolio throughout high school and will be going to Rice University in Houston, TX in the fall of 2019. Amaya says, “I’ve had my heart set on Rice since the beginning of high school. I made sure everyone I met along the way that helped me get in saw my portfolio. It was easy to keep everything organized using MePlusMore.”


Taylor has received an early action acceptance to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. Taylor states, “MePlusMore made it simple to track my extracurricular activities when I first started high school. I used the information to help me write essays and provide accurate information on the CWR and other applications. Being prepared made the process much less stressful than what I saw my brother go through a few years earlier.”


Throughout high school students have sent their digital portfolio to the following stakeholders to stand out leading up to and during the college application process:

Teachers/Counselors – To stay front of mind leading up to and when asking for letters of recommendation.

Admissions Officers – Further demonstrate interest by sending updates to the contacts met on campus tours.

Internship Coordinators – To get an edge in securing junior summer internships.

Scholarship Committees – Provide the evidence of extracurricular activities for non-merit based scholarships.

Alumni – Let an alumnus see the full details of time spent outside of the classroom before the interview.

Recruiters – Show coaches their hours of dedication and what other activities have built character.


While MePlusMore can’t guarantee that the outcome will be similar to Taylor’s and Amaya’s experience, being organized will put you in the right position when opportunities present themselves.