Creating A MeSheet

A MeSheet is your student’s sharable, digital portfolio. You can also think of it as an electronic resume. Your student’s MeSheet, however, is very different from other electronic portfolio tools, or a traditional resume, in that it collects and displays all of the hours your student has put into a particular activity. Your MeSheet shows the ebb and flow of actual hours over the school year and during the summer, from freshman year through their senior year. Furthermore, it allows you to add the accomplishments, achievements and awards your student has received as a result of their efforts. The end result is what educators and admissions personnel are referring to as a 3 dimensional, interactive view of your student’s high school career.

                                                              MeSheet Header

                                                              Interactive Chart – Monthly View

MePlusMore uses the events related to your student’s activities you already keep on you existing electronic calendar, like Google Calendar or iCloud Calendar (iCalendar). Once you have dynamically linked your calendar in MePlusMore you’re able to easily ignore the events that don’t apply (dental apt., vet visit, lunch with friends) and categorize those events specific to your student’s extracurricular activities. Also, when you change/add/delete events on your calendar, MePlusMore is automatically updated with the new event information. You can start at any point in your student’s high school career as you’re able to search and categorize past events.

                                                              Categorization Dialogue Box

Once you have categorized a couple of weeks of events, creating and sharing a MeSheet is easy. You label your report (e.g. Freshman Summer), pick a date range and generate your MeSheet. You’re able to modify specific categories to show/not show events or accomplishments. Once you are done editing you can save your MeSheet and copy/share the unique URL with key stakeholders.

                                                              Report Generator

How Students Have Used Their MeSheet

“After my sophomore year I had a couple of teachers that got to know me in class. I sent an email with the URL to an updated MeSheet a couple of times during my junior year, as well as to some new teachers. They’ve asked me questions after class on many occasions about my Scouting activities or volunteer work. They also are very friendly to me when I pass them between classes. I feel confident that when I ask them for college letters of recommendation in the coming months they will have a complete understanding of the both my academic work and life outside of high school.”

“Before my junior summer I applied to a highly sought after internship. I included the URL to my MeSheet in the electronic application form. The coordinator stated that as she was scrolling through 300+ submissions her eye caught the URL and she clicked on it. She told me that having a picture of me, my list of accomplishments and time spent in activities made her feel like she knew me. She felt confident about scheduling a subsequent phone and onsite interview which eventually led to my being selected.”

“I’ve gone on a number of campus visits over the last year. On almost all of the visits I was able to meet the admissions officers who will be reviewing my application. I also got their contact information. In my thank you email I included the MeSheet URL. I’ve also followed up with the same officers with an updated MeSheet and short message stating my continued interest. Many have replied that they enjoyed having a quick way to review my extracurricular activities and that they are looking forward to reviewing my completed application this fall. Having a MeSheet to send is a great way to really demonstrate your interest in a college.”

“On the electronic Common Application, and other state school systems electronic application, there is a space specifically to add an additional comment and links to digital content like YouTube or photo share sites. I was able to copy and paste a URL to a custom MeSheet that highlighted my work history. My custom MeSheet was a tool I used to supplement the essay I wrote about how I needed to support myself through high school. I feel like it helped me get accepted to the college I wanted to attend.”